Fujitsu Ireland Research and Innovation

Fujitsu has been on the front line of research and development for over 80 years. From the first switching systems, personal computers and gaming systems in Japan, to the fastest computers in the world. We believe that technology and innovation can make all of our lives better, enabling us to face and solve many of the problems that come with 21st century society.

Fujitsu Ireland believes that if Ireland is to succeed in being a leader in Innovation and Technology, then investment in world class research programmes by companies based in Ireland is critical. It is necessary for Fujitsu to demonstrate leadership in this area.

Why Research and Innovation for Fujitsu Ireland

Fujitsu Ireland, as part of the multinational Fujitsu Group, sought to set up a Research and Innovation wing to their business in order to build on the existing collaborations created with key Irish research institutions e.g. Insight, Casala/Netwell DKIT.

Fujitsu Ireland wanted also to develop new collaborations to promote Fujitsu innovations within
the Irish research and business community. In a time of great change in Ireland, Fujitsu
sought to generate new business opportunities for Fujitsu Ireland.

Knowledge Engineering and DIscovery (KEDI)

The KEDI research group makes sense of data. We extract simple
statements from unstructured texts or complex linked data
sets, integrate them into consolidated perspectives and
derive new facts and their explanations from that.
This way we empower people with disruptive
knowledge discovery methods.

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Connected Health

With knowledege graphs, scientists have now the means to aggregate
semantic information from various sources. The challenge is not
only to extract meaningful information from this data,
but to gain knowledge, to discover previously
unknown minsight, look for patterns, and
to make sense of the data.

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